Hello and welcome to my Substack.

I am a freelance journalist living in London.

Currently I write news stories for The Sunday Telegraph. You can see all of my pieces here:

I have also written news for The Mail on Sunday and Sun, and opinion pieces for The Critic:

My journalistic interests are: local government/ devolution, the war on cars, woke ideology and the amount of taxpayer cash spent on it, ESG (would love more tips around this area), psychology and fertility trends. A bit of a random mixture, but there you go.

In my spare time I like composing music. I am working on an album - albeit one taking me about 100 years. This is a finished club song:

I also enjoy making art:

My Instagram page is here. *It’s been a bit on the backburner since I watched a Hans Zimmer documentary and decided I needed to make music (can you tell I have ADHD?).

Thanks for checking out my Substack, anyhow!

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Commentary from Charlotte Gill. This Substack will cover my political interests: the war on cars, devolution, woke ideology and fertility trends.


I am a Freelance Journalist and Artist