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20% of the women declining 80% of the men on the dating apps is a microcosm of the real issue. If that is true, then it is a completely untenable situation.

If we were to procreate based on that ratio, then how would these few men financially support all of these children that they are having with exorbitant amounts of women?

It doesn't add up.

This leads me to believe that people are just being more promiscuous nowadays, which, i'm sorry to say, is arbitrated by women as they control the access to sex.

I think people just have too many options nowadays (men and women). The grass is always greener. There is always something better out there--or the illusion of better promoted on social media. This paralysis of choice causes men and women to delay and delay and delay, then 40 hits, and there isn't any realistic options left anymore.

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