Great piece. But what is ‘unethical’ about Section 21? It simply allows a landlord to take repossession of a property once the mutually agreed contract between tenant and landlord has been concluded. It’s not really a ‘No fault eviction’, it’s simply the end of a business agreement.

Saying they should be banned is like saying people renting a car should be allowed to keep it for as long as they like, the only way Avis or whatever could get it back is by taking the driver to court. No government would impose this condition on the car rental business. The reason they can do it to landlords is that they are usually ‘little people’ with one or two properties, not big international companies like car rental firms.

The idea that ‘greedy landlords’ are responsible for the housing crisis is nonsense. The government has caused it. But meddling in what we laughingly refer to as a ‘Market’.

More here if you’re interested. https://open.substack.com/pub/lowstatus/p/full-house?r=evzeq&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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When supply and demand are out of equilibrium you will get shortages and rising prices.

In the case of housing the government deliberately constrains supply (via the TCPA) and allows demand to run riot to an extent that supply, even in an unconstrained normally functioning market, would struggle to meet. And we then get hand wringing about the inevitable result and futile attempts to solve the problem by doing things that don’t address the disequilibrium.

This stuff is not rocket science.

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